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Tommaso Matteo Lazzari - Managing Partner

Tommaso Matteo Lazzari - 管理合伙人

Tommaso Lazzari Founder of Seta Capital

Tommaso Lazzari is a Managing Partner at Seta Capital. He has 16 years of experience in manufacturing, engineering and energy projects.Prior to Seta Capital, Tommaso worked for General Electric Oil & Gas, where he led projects for customers such as Exxon, Shell, ENI across Europe, America and Africa in remote and at the time politically unstable countries. Tommaso began his career as a manufacturing engineer and product development manager in SKF in the Netherlands and Italy, where he developed various patents for several applications.Tommaso holds an MBA from London Business School (UK) and a Master degree in Mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy). He is a native speaker in Italian and is also fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Tommaso Lazzari是识途资本的创始合伙人。他在精密制造、工程设计和能源行业有长达16年的经验。在成立识途资本之前,Lazzari先生任职于GE通用电气公司,负责埃克森美孚、荷兰皇家壳牌和埃尼等客户在欧洲、美洲和非洲偏远或政治不确定地区的大型能源项目。Lazzari先生在SKF公司开始他作为工程师和产品经理的职业生涯,并研发了多项轴承专利。Lazzari先生拥有伦敦商学院MBA及都灵理工学院机械工程师学位。他的母语是意大利语,同时精通英语和法语。

Tanya Min Wen - Managing Partner

闻敏 - 管理合伙人

Tanya Wen Founder of Seta Capital

Tanya Wen is Founder and Managing Partner of Seta Capital. She has extensive cross-border transaction and investment experience as a private equity investor and advisor with on the ground experiences in China, Australia and Italy.Prior to establishing Seta Capital, Tanya was a senior member of Crescent Point’s investment team in China, leading its private equity investments in China and outbound deals, including the buyout of a major Italian fashion group, Sixty Group. Tanya began her career as a management consultant at the global consulting firm, A.T. Kearney and CHAMP Private Equity, Australia’s leading private equity buy-out fund where she focused on investments in Australia, China and South East Asia.Tanya holds an MBA from London Business School (UK) and a Bachelor in Finance and Actuarial Studies from the University of New South Wales (Australia). She is a native speaker in Mandarin and English, as well as fluent Italian.

闻敏(Tanya)是识途资本的创始合伙人。她在意大利、中国和澳大利亚拥有丰富的跨境并购和投资经验。在成立识途资本之前,闻女士是凯欣基金在中国投资团队的主要成员,负责凯欣在中国和海外的私募股权投资,例如意大利时装集团Sixty Group的收购。闻女士的职业生涯始于全球知名咨询公司A.T. Kearney和澳大利亚领先的PE基金CHAMP Private Equity,期间她专注于澳大利亚、中国和东南亚的投资。闻女士拥有伦敦商学院MBA和新南威尔士大学金融和精算学位。母语中文并精通英语和意大利语。

Luca Poggiaroni - Partner

Luca Poggiaroni - 合伙人

Luca Poggiaroni Partner of Seta Capital

Luca Poggiaroni is a Partner at Seta Capital. He has more than 20 years of experience in the publishing, communication and consumer goods industries. Luca is a passionate and successful entrepreneur who launched his first innovative startup in 2001 at the age of 21. Subsequently, launched multiple new ventures across an array of industries in Italy and Brazil. He has an extensive experience of managing cross-functional and multi-cultural teams. Luca holds an MBA from Cass Business School (UK) and a Bachelor in History from Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy). He speaks fluently Italian, English and Portoguese. He is currently learning Chinese.

Luca Poggiaroni是识途资本的业务经理。他在财务咨询和大消费领域有26年工作经验。加入识途资本之前,Poggiaroni先生是Arpe集团的大区经理。在此之前,他有多段消费品公司业务和运营主管的任职经历。他的母语是意大利语,并精通英语。

Marco Brunetti - Partner

Marco Brunetti - 合伙人

Marco Brunetti Partner of Seta Capital

Marco Brunetti is Partner at Seta Capital. He has 18 years of experience in automotive field. Prior to Seta Capital, Marco was in SKF, Swedish multinational company. In that company he has covered several responsibility roles: Advanced Engineering Manager, Senior Project Manager within Integrated Cost Reduction team and lastly Group Manager within Purchasing Group.Marco has starter his career in Leonardo Company (ex Alenia Aeronautica) as Application Engineer.He holds an MBA from "Il Sole 24 ore" Business School and a Master degree in Aerospace from Polytechnic of Torino (Italy).He is native speaker Italian and is also fluent in English and French.

Marco Brunetti先生是识途资本的合伙人。他在汽车行业有18年从业经验。加入识途资本之前,Brunetti先生是瑞典大型跨国集团SKF的团队成员,他先后担任高级工程经理和采购部门经理。Brunetti先生的职业起步于Leonardo公司。他拥有意大利“II Sole 24 ore”商学院MBA学位和都灵理工学院的航空航天硕士学位。意大利语是他的母语,他也精通英语和法语。

Giovanni Gioli - Partner

Giovanni Gioli - 合伙人

Giovanni Gioli Partner in Seta Capital

Giovanni Gioli is a Partner at Seta Capital. He began his career as consultant and as advisor in Methodos when he originated and executed the acquisitions of Buondì Motta from the Nuova Forneria Marconi by Parfin Holding and the acquisition of Berloni by the Taipei HIG. He then became CEO of the Trombini Group for more then ten years. Prior to joining Seta Capital Mr Gioli was partner and founder of Economia Reale, consulting firm based in Milan. Mr Gioli holds a Law degree, a phd in Industrial Science and a Master from Bocconi University.

Giovanni Gioli是识途资本的合伙人。他最初的工作是在Methodos公司担任顾问,当时他主导了Parfin Holding从Nuova Forneria Marconi收购BuondìMotta的项目,以及台北HIG对Berloni的收购。随后,他在Trombini集团担任首席执行官长达十多年。加入识途资本之前,Gioli先生是米兰咨询公司Economia Reale的创始合伙人。Gioli先生拥有法律学位、工业科学博士学位和Bocconi大学的硕士学位。

Alessandro Osnaghi - Senior Advisor

Alessandro Osnaghi - 高级咨询顾问

Alessandro Osnaghi Senior Advisor in Seta Capital

Alessandro Osnaghi is a Senior Advisor at Seta Capital. He is a professor of software engineering at the University of Pavia and he sits in the board of PEOPLE a project promoted by the Italian government to create a consolidated electronic system of identity management for Italy. In 2003 he was appointed by the Italian government as a technology advisor to create the strategy for the e-Government for Italy. Prior to that he was director of the government IT system.He was technology advisor for the IT development of ST Microelectronics and director of the ASSET project, the R&D cooperation project between Olivetti , Bull and Siemens and founder of X-Open the Unix platform coordination entity. He founded the European software institute backed by the government of the European Union.Mr. Osnaghi started his career in Olivetti where he was director of R&D in the Headquarter, in the R&D center in Cupertino (California) and in London (UK). Mr. Osnaghi holds a Master degree in Nuclear engineering from Polytechnic of Milan.

Alessandro Osnaghi是识途资本的高级咨询顾问。他是意大利Pavia大学的软件工程教授。Osnaghi是PEOPLE项目的董事会成员,该项目由意大利政府推动,旨在意大利全国创建一个统一的身份管理电子系统。2003年,他被意大利政府任命为技术顾问,负责制定意大利电子政务战略,在此之前,他曾担任政府IT系统部长。Osnaghi先生曾是意法半导体的IT开发技术顾问,担任ASSET项目总监,ASSET项目是Olivetti,Bull和西门子的合作研发项目。Osnaghi先生是X-Open Unix的创始人,他还成立了由欧盟支持的欧洲软件研究所。Osnaghi先生的职业生涯始于Olivetti,他先后在Olivetti位于加利福尼亚的总部和位于英国伦敦的研发中心担任研发总监。Osnaghi先生拥有米兰理工大学的核工程硕士学位。


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